YAIT or Yet Another Issue Tracker will be a great addition to the Issue Tracker software that can be found out there, but it will be cheap and easy to use and completely customisable in terms of what you can do with it.

What is it then?

I got the idea for 'yet another issue tracker' while I was using a piece of software for tracking issues and time management. I found the piece of software I was using at the time, to be so horribly clunky, slow, ugly and found it would crash very frequently. It was also so incredibly expensive for start ups and smallish sized business's to be able to pay for. So I decided to create my own, with all the features that I feel is necessary to be able to expand as well as using packages.

What will it do?

It will have multiple different features that I hope will help future businesses to keep track of everything and store what they need.

  • Issue
    • Issues
    • Issue Structure
    • Progress Tracking
  • Projects
    • Project
    • Project Structure
  • Time Management
  • Form API for external Use
  • Plain Text/Markdown information store
  • Project Wiki
  • And A Hell of alot more!


So the idea is that it will also be able to work as a service desk for yourself and your customers and that the Forms for issues and projects can be accessed anywhere with future created plug-ins and components. The plan is there will be a 'Joomla!' component, a 'Wordpress' component, a 'Laravel' package and many many more.

Far Far Future

In the far future the plan is to have it support external packages created by other developers. As it is currently using the Laravel it shouldn't be too difficult to implement.